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Monday, January 11, 2010

Honeymoon Destinations!

With the snow on the ground and that horrible chilly air, what better time to start dreaming and planning your Honeymoon! This isn't just a 'holiday' this is the first trip the two of you will take together as a married couple - and the most romantic trip that you'll talk about and reminisce over for many years to come!

So, my three top tips when starting to think about your Honeymoon Destinations:

1. Base your honeymoon on what you both love to do!
2. Think about how you want to spend your time
3. Create a budget for your honeymoon

So where are you going to go? Well you could go with the norm and google top honeymoon destinations and you will come up with the traditional places such as Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica and St-Lucia OR you could compare flights and realize that the cost of a flight to Europe is pretty much the same...

For me one of the most romantic places that I love and dream about often is Venice, with it's history, secret stories of Casanova & others, the canal waterways and piazza's at every turn, it's a place where you will just never have enough time to see it all. But if you do go to Venice, then you must also visit Verona, just an hour and 25 mins west of Venice is home to Romeo & Juliet.. outdoor concerts in the Colliseum and 'real' Italien food in abundance - how much more romantic could you get for your honeymoon!

The great thing about Europe is that there are many countries to visit, all unique and all very close together.. so why not visit two or three while you are there! I'm secretly hoping my next 'romantic' trip will be to Santorini in Greece!

But apparently the no.1 most romantic place in the world to stay is the Legends Hotel in Mauritius!

So come on Grooms, while your beautiful Bride is planning the wedding, why not make this your contribution and plan a Honeymoon your Bride will remember forever, and if you need that extra bit of help you can always check out the Honeymoon section of my web site!