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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Romantic Wedding Proposals

As Valentines is fast approaching I am sure there are a lot of nervous men and women out there thinking of proposing - so this blog is for you!

Guys, if you are thinking of popping that big question, but not sure how - remember women are very simple (LOL)!! We love to be spoilt, we love our other halves to be romantic and best of all we love it when they use their initiative.... it makes us feel very special! If you are a modern girl and are planning that proposal, I am sure you have thought through every different scenario, but still guys don't like to be embarrassed or put on the spot infront of their friends and families.. so I am presuming you have a pretty good idea he will say yes!

So a little one on one romance... plan a picnic - I know it's a little cold for outdoors, but I love inside picnic's infront of the fireplace... provide all their favourite food, a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and the most important a bouquet of balloons filled with Rose Petals... in the last balloon have the ring tied to a ribbon with a love note or poem proposing to that special person, then as you pop each balloon, they will be covered in a shower of rose petals and the ring will drop in their lap!

Another fun idea is to send a Red Rose (or their favourite flower) every day for a week with a love note as to why they are special... on the last day of course it has to be a dozen Red Roses or a Bouquet of their favouite flowers, but put together all the love notes in a picture frame with pressed petals from one of the flower you already sent. Add your words of proposal at the bottom - not only is it romantic, but it's a piece of art you can keep forever!

What about a romantic treasure hunt - this can all be done in the same day or over a few days! Leave little clues for them to find a small gift with a 'letter or word' and the next clue... you can leave clues around the house, have clues sent to their work place or delivered with chocolates or flowers. If you are very creative you could plan clues at a special place to the two of you - hey you can even leave clues on the ski slopes! You want to make sure that the 'letters or words' you leave do not spell will you marry me, as this is too obvious, but should be the name of a Restaurant or Hotel or name of a special place where the propsoal will take place - get them to get dress up and meet you there..... and the rest is history as they say!

And lastly, if your other half loves cakes... (who doesn't) have a local Baker bake a cake with the propsal written on it and have the Ring as the centrepiece of the cake, then have it displayed in the shop window... suggest a walk... go grab a coffee etc and when you walk past the shop window, stop to take a look and then get down on one knee... don't forget to have Champagne waiting for you inside the shop to enjoy with a slice of your Cake!

There are so many ideas, and next week I wil be blogging about 'unusual proposals', but it doesn't have to be expensive (the ring will do that for you), but it should be personal... so be creative and have some fun!

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Blogger bobz said...


I wish you were around when it was time for me to propose. You know the saying "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" well as you may have realized most guys were born with the romance gene missing. This is perhaps more the case for youger aged males.

Fortunately, many girls are able to overcome or compensate for this defficiency. This was the case for my clumsy proposal.

However, I have learned that what really counts is what happens after all the celebrating and honeymoons are over. The true romance is always looking for opportunities to show how much you care for your partner with all the details of everyday life.

Bob (aka Dr. Phil)

February 2, 2010 10:04 PM  

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