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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Time To Decorate!

I love this time of year.... decorating the house, what theme to go with this year - new colours and ideas brewing!

Where to start is a good questions - like any event you want to go with a colour theme and carry it through from your decorations on your tree to your table decorations. Take a look around your home and see what colours you have... I have a lot of Sage Green and Dark Red... so I kept this year to a very traditional Green, Red and Gold theme in my house, however I added a special touch of Brown to my to my table decorations with feather balls edged in gold and scented cones.

Do something different with your tree - why stick to tinsel and ribbons - instead grab a fancy coloured boa and push it inbetween the branches to fill out the tree.... you can even use fresh flowers pushed in between like roses, but remember the ends need to be in the little water holders. At the base of the tree wrap your presents in the same colour scheme alternating with ribbon colours to give an overall well put together tree!

There is never enough room on your Christmas table for all the decorations and food - so why not lift the table decorations to your central chandalier. Take a simple green wreath and decorate with your colour theme and then lift it to the bottom of your chandalier and wrap the branches around your lights and it will hold it in place... add some dangling decorations and you have an instant 'off-table' decoration!

This year I decorated a tree outside my house... with simple Gold and Red Balls hanging with Gold and Red Ribbon, I found some great Red Fruit decorations full of glitter and added it to the tree, when the snow came even the mail man commented on how great it looked!

There are so many ideas and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming - so why not hire an expert to help with your decoration. Myriam Rouillard of Myriam Rouillard Designs can come to your home and 'stage' your house for Christmas - 'why not'! You can find her at http://www.myriamdesign.ca/