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Monday, October 26, 2009

2009 Wedding Trends

As Wedding season is coming to a close, it is nice to look back and reflect on what has been some of the key trends for 2009. I must admit for me personally I have had a great deal of fun and fulfillment from each wedding, they were all so different and unique!

A strong theme this year was outdoor weddings, Lakefront, Rooftop or Country Garden settings were big this year and from conversations I am having with couples for next year, I think we will still see a lot of outdoor weddings next summer. Shorter Bridesmaid dresses have been very popular this summer in colours of Greens, Peacock Blues and Orange's. For the Brides, strapless wedding dresses are still very sought after, although I have seen a few slinky halter neck dresses which were beautiful.

Food for thought: to me it has been the year of 'Mini's'.... for Canapes, mini smoked meat sandwiches, mini poutine, mini grilled cheese sandwiches have all been a must... for desserts 'Mini Dessert Canapes & Dessert Shooters' have taken place of traditional Dessert's which have also been incorporated into the Midnight Table! Mini Cup Cakes and Candy Tables are still a great idea and lots of fun - in fact at one of our weddings we practically had to fight off the guests from eating all the candies before even sitting down for the Reception!!

In terms of decorartions... Vintage and Country have been very popular along with the 'homemade' look. Country flowers were placed in Mason Jars on tables, Homemade Jam's were given for favors... Wooden signs with painted directions were on display. We also had a lot of fun with centrepieces this year moving away from flowers in some instances and using Lanterns full of candles... Jars with coloured stones... floating candles and single Orchids in water.

My personal belief is whoever you are as a couple, have fun with your wedding - make it a part of you and bring in all your favourite things, only then will you have a truly unique wedding!