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Monday, October 19, 2009

Which Wedding Cake are You?

There are so many choices when it comes to wedding cakes and this year we have had a lot of fun in designing and choosing some very creative styles & flavours. For example how does Raspeberry & White Chocolate sound... or a little Ferrero Rocher... even Keylime & Coconut.

We've had Black & White Weddings Cakes... Giant Orange Wedding Cakes and even a Wedding Cake with Gold Elephants and the Taj Mahal on the top. Interestingly enough, all my traditional 3-tier wedding cakes have all been 'Round' this year... no squares or hexagonal - Round has been the shape of the season.

But not everyone wants a traditional cake... A couple of my brides this year chose not to have any cake at all, one substituted with 'Ben & Jerry's Ice cream! Others wanted the very popular Cupcakes and one wanted a 3-tier cake and Cupcakes - hey why not!

But what other options are there..... what do we see coming through in trends for next year. Well at the moment Macaroon cakes are becoming popular, with a multitude of flavours and fillings these are a fun option, plus I am seeing them stacked high to represent a Wedding Cake... I don't think Cup Cakes are going to go away too quickly and here in Montreal with our french influence what about a Croquembouche, drizzled in Chocolate or Caramel and stuffed with a french vanilla cream!

So have fun with designing your wedding cake... make it personal, make it reflection of who you are and why not have a different flavour for each level! Now that I have probably got your taste buds going I suggest a visit to Les Glaceurs in Old Montreal for a sugar fix!