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Monday, November 23, 2009

Same Sex Weddings in Montreal

One of the greatest things for me when organising a same sex wedding, is not necessarily the planning itself - although this is great fun, but being there to see the look on the couple's face when they finally get to be married, legally with the piece of paper to prove it!

We're fortunate here in Canada to legally recognise same sex marriages since 2005 across all provinces and territories. In fact, in Quebec alone 2200 same sex marriages have taken place since then, which equates to 2% of all marriages - of this 2%, 17% came from other countries and 8% from other provinces, lets hope this continues to increase and we welcome many more same sex couples to Quebec and in particular Montreal to be married!

To date all of my same sex couples have been from the US, and it's great to see so many of their friends and families join them for the celebrations. I love the emotion the ceremony brings and of course the intense partying that follows!!

So far the same sex weddings that I have planned have tended to be much smaller intimate weddings, therefore many of my couples love the idea of being married on Old Montreal, which is wonderful as there are many historic intimate locations to choose, from rooftop weddings to garden weddings to the waterfront.

Congratulations to Mike and Joe who were married last August and Julie & Gina who tied the knot this August... I'm also greatly looking forward to welcoming Marlene & Priscilla who are coming to Montreal just after Christmas also be be married in Old Montreal.


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